• Last Days of Costco Secret sales this Sunday 14th of October and a few treasures..

    Hi Costco fans,

    Well this week didn’t get into store until late Tuesday afternoon, so this is just a small post.. My main focus was getting my weekly grocery shop and to check out any new secret sales. I’m not really sure as yet if there is a pattern when items are marked down. However I’ve noticed there seems to be a 2 week cycle of beginning to end of sale and a few surprises in between to keep us on our toes. I’ve consistently noticed that there always seems to be a good deal on electronics, and liquor, my 2 favorite vices of course.

    Refer to last weeks post as well, to see any additional items that are on sale until this Sunday… Message me if you have any questions or you want me to look out for something on my next visit. Will be writing a food and wine review shortly of tried and tested products. Watch this space…

    Happy Shopping!!