• Secret, Unadvertised Costco Australia Sales for 1st – 7th October, 2018

    Secret, Unadvertised Costco Australia Sales for 1st – 7th October, 2018

    Hi Everyone!

    If you haven’t visited my new  Costco fan blog already.This week is a bit of a mixed bag of my favorite products I think that are great deals and the usual secret specials. I felt like a kid in a candy shop this week. So many good buys and markdowns, my favorite Halloween and Xmas promotions.

    On going I will be walking the aisles of Costco to provide pictures and prices for all the unadvertised sales at Costco’s across the Australia. You will see that there are quite a few sales that are not advertised in their monthly flyer! If you have any feedback or request, please leave them in the comments.

    I will also be on the lookout for any price ending in *.97 – those are clearance items and can be marked down significantly from its original price! Unfortunately, since these items are such a great deal, they may not be found at all warehouses. 🙁 Remember that this is a fan blog and I do not have any association with Costco. I’m just trying to be a helpful shopper.

    Costco warehouses offer products that are placed on Temporary Price Discounts or at a reduced price which are not advertised in our Weekly Savings flyers. Costco says that this is part of the Treasure Hunt atmosphere that members can enjoy while shopping at the stores. I will endeavor to post these items as well! Look out for my post each Tuesday or Thursday each week!